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Press Release: Medicare Advantage Disruptors

Read our latest press release that forecasts the role of new tech-savvy Medicare Advantage Plans:

“From a technology perspective the market is prime for disruption, and some of the bigger players have a false sense of security as they continue doing things the same old way. Just look to other industries where giants like Kodak and Compaq failed to see change coming soon enough," Phillips warns. "The status quo in Medicare Advantage is about to be altered by new innovators." 

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Cavulus Weighs In: Launching Medicare Advantage Plans

More Health Systems Launching Medicare Advantage Plans; Cavulus Weighs In…

“Earlier this month, Lumeris published a new study stating 27 percent of major U.S. health systems plan to launch a Medicare Advantage plan in the next four years. The survey also found that only 29 percent of respondents felt confident in their system’s ability to do so. We asked Patrick Phillips, Founder & CEO of Cavulus, a portfolio company of UPMC Enterprises, for his take on the recent findings.”

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