Technology & Services

Each of our solutions can be implemented individually, or brought
together through our compliant workflow automation suite: Cavulus Medicare Advantage Platform (MAP).
Choosing Cavulus MAP allows you to leverage everything from targeted marketing and
proactive sales channel management to enrollment channel management and CMS audit support, and so much more.

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MedicareCRM is the preeminent marketing and sales solution built specifically for Medicare Advantage Organizations, and has been in-use at many of the biggest names in our industry since 2006. Our comprehensive technology provides marketing automation, campaign management, and complete visibility into all of your sales channels including call centers, field agents, community relations, and brokers.

A Few Key Features:

  • Field and Broker Sales Interfaces
  • Mobile Platform
  • Real-Time Cost Per Lead and Detailed Analytics
  • Dynamic CMS-Approved Call Center Scripts
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Enrollment Channel Management (ECM)

ECM is a single solution that captures Medicare Advantage member enrollment in any way that CMS allows an enrollment to be received. From hard copy paper, online/websites, fax, telephonic enrollment, and more. Eliminate the need for multiple vendors and solutions - ECM is the single source for your plan's needs. 

A Few Key Features:

  • Validates all CMS-required Data on all Electronic Submissions
  • Provides Real-Time Sales/Enrollment Channel Reporting and Data-Synch with CRM
  • Customizable Electronic Enrollment Forms Tailored to the Requirements of Each Enrollment Channel (Telephonic, Consumer-Facing, Broker and Agent Needs).


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Enrollment Member Management Administration (EMMA)

EMMA is your hub for compliant communications with CMS and your Medicare Advantage members. This core piece of infrastructure was purpose-built by our team of enrollment experts who have worked in Medicare Advantage Enrollment and understand the demands of CMS. EMMA quickly and compliantly enables your Medicare Enrollment department and operations. 

A Few Key Features:

  • Integrated Real-Time Eligibility Check
  • Auto and Facilitated Enrollments
  • SNP Verification Workflows
  • Automated Accretion and TRR Reconciliation
  • Automated Letter Generation
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Dynamic EDI

Cavulus Dynamic EDI is the chassis that aggregates data across the entire information supply chain in your Medicare Advantage Operations.

A Few Key Features:

  • Configurable Job Status Notifications
  • Dashboard to View All Aspects of Data Transfers
  • Ability to Process Files Ad-Hoc without any Need for IT Support or Ticket Requests