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The entirety of our product offering is known as Cavulus MAP™ (Medicare Advantage Platform). The combination of our Cloud-based solutions produces  frictionless workflows that orchestrate every aspect of member acquisition, enrollment, and ongoing communications with CMS and members.

Our solutions can be deployed individually, with easy integration into your existing technology stack. But full ROI and a trusted thread of membership data is created through our 360° workflow automation suite.

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The first purpose-built marketing, sales and retention solution for Medicare Advantage, trusted by many of the biggest names in the industry as an integral part of their growth strategy for nearly two decades. MedicareCRM® goes far beyond what you’d expect from a traditional CRM solution.


Cavulus ECM (Enrollment Channel Management) is a single solution that captures Medicare Advantage member enrollment in every way that CMS allows enrollments to be received. Paper applications, online, web portals, fax, telephonic and more. Eliminate the need for multiple vendors and solutions.

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EMMA (Enrollment, Member Management & Administration) simplifies the most complex Enrollment Operation workflows such as TRR/MMR processing, member correspondence, reconciliation, CMS regulatory guideline adherence and much more.

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