Cavulus EMMA™ (Enrollment, Member Management & Administration) was purpose-built for Medicare Advantage Enrollment operations and is the first integrated member and financial solution available to the market. EMMA simplifies MA Enrollment operations, handling complex processes such as CMS regulation adherence, member correspondence, and TRR/MMR/BEQ processing. The result is accuracy, efficiency, increased membership and an unmatched
member experience.


  • Workflow-Based Design

  • Single-Page Layouts

  • Single-Click Views into Full TRR Processing

  • Real-Time Integration with Enrollment Portals

  • TRR Auto-Processing & Member Reconciliation

  • Support All MA Product Lines (MA/MAPD/PDP/MMP/Duals/SNP)


  • Automated Election Assignment

  • BEQ Integration & CMS Submission For Validation of Entitlement 

  • LEP, LIS, SNP, and COB Functions

  • Application 7-Day Timeline Tracking, Notification & Escalation Alerts

  • Enrollment Letter Version Control

Member Correspondence

  • Automated Letter Generation

  • On-Demand Letter Generation

  • Build, Update, Management Tools for All Letter Types

  • Real-Time Letter Generation - No Nightly Batching

  • Integration with Fulfillment Vendor or Operations

  • Apply Batch Updates to Letter Templates (i.e. Annual Changes)


  • AI Functionality for Auto-Determination Based on CMS Regulatory Guidance

  • 100% Automation on Hierarchal TRC Processing

  • Automated Actions Based on Defined TRC Function

  • Seamless Real-Time Integration with Our MedicareCRM and ECM/Enrollment Portals.

  • Automated Data Integration and Data Transfers to Other Downstream Systems and Entities