EMMA™ (Enrollment, Member Management & Administration) was purpose-built for Medicare Advantage Enrollment operations and is the first integrated member and financial reconciliation solution available.

EMMA™ simplifies enrollment operations, handling complex processes such as CMS regulation adherence, member correspondence, and TRR/MMR/BEQ processing. The results are accuracy, efficiency, increased membership and an unparalleled member experience.

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Real-Time Integration
with Enrollment Portals
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Automated & On-Demand
Letter Generation
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LEP, LIS, COB Functions
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TRR Auto-Processing &
Member Reconciliation
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Most Utilized Reports
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Self-Querying (No IT Request)
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Extracts to .csv, .xlsx, & more
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CMS-Required Data Validation
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CMS Timelines Auto-Enforced
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LEP Calculation
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Automated Workflows for MMCM
Chapter 2 Guidance
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Approved CMS-Submitter via
Direct Connect
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BEQ/MARx Integration -
Entitlement & Eligibility

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