Cavulus ECM


ECM™ (Enrollment Channel Management) is a single solution that captures Medicare Advantage member enrollment in every way that CMS regulations allow an enrollment to be received. This includes hard copy paper applications, websites and consumer-facing portals, faxes, telephonic enrollments, and more. ECM is the single source for your plan's enrollment application intake processes, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and creating a unified and branded member experience across your enrollment channels. 

Key features

  • Validates CMS-required Data on All Electronic Submissions

  • Provides Real-Time Sales and Enrollment Channel Reporting

  • Includes Seamless Data-Synch with MedicareCRM, and Synch Options with Other CRM Solutions

  • Customizable Internal and External Electronic Enrollment Forms Tailored to the Requirements of Each Enrollment Channel (Telephonic, Consumer-Facing, Broker, etc.)

  • White-Label Experience to Align Your Branding/Design/Messaging for a Uniform Member Experience

The automation and accuracy that Cavulus ECM created between our Sales and Membership Operations allowed us to reduce overtime by 65% last AEP
— Gretchen Korndorffer, Director, Sales & Membership Operations, People's Health