Sneak Preview | AgentHQ

Since the launch of MedicareCRM in 2006, Cavulus has always provided industry-leading tools for managing external brokers and enabling their sales activities with Medicare Advantage members. But a recent reorganization of broker management capabilities resulted in a new module called AgentHQ that launches with several clients in July 2018. We caught up with Matt Lerch, VP of Client Operations, for some behind-the-scenes info. In his previous role as Director of Operations at Cigna, Matt was responsible for agent onboarding and oversight, so he brings perspective from both sides of the desk.

What prompted the reorganization and improvement of broker management tools in Cavulus’s MedicareCRM?

ML: We found that Medicare Advantage plans weren’t getting a holistic picture of agent performance. Metrics tend to be segmented into training/licensing, compliance, and sales performance. And, in many cases, all stored in separate systems or tracked manually. AgentHQ combines all of this into one centralized hub for FMO, agency, and agent management. The bottom line is transparency.

What are users getting with this combination of tools?

ML: It’s really four solutions blended into one: onboarding, compliance, sales performance, and a service desk. The onboarding tools address areas like contracting, training, licensing and E&O storage. From a compliance standpoint, it has tools to document secret shopping, complaints, SOA audits, and untimely applications for instance. Because AgentHQ is embedded in MedicareCRM, all sales data is available and displayed on the dashboard. And finally, there’s a service desk that enables simpler communication between agents and broker management at the health plan.

So agencies and agents can access AgentHQ as well?

ML: Yeah, absolutely. All Cavulus software solutions are permission-based and allow plans to define what users can see. The upside is that agents can log in to view their performance standing with the plan and place or review previous service requests. Plans can define the types of service requests and statuses they want to address.

As a VP in Client Operations, what trends are you seeing in the Medicare Advantage technology space and how does this address them?  

ML: Clients are looking for cost reduction, and given the brevity of AEP, they’re looking for speed. And rightfully so. The creation of AgentHQ really speaks to these trends. We’ve reduced costs by eliminating the need for multiple solutions. A lot of third parties create barriers so they can charge for change requests and maintenance, and we’ve reduced that cost through our admin tools that allow plans to manage their own training modules, agency/agent territory, and service requests, as just a few examples. That also gives them speed since they’re not waiting on requests or updates from us or an IT group. They’re gaining time through simplified workflows and preparedness for CMS audits as well. I could go on for a while!

When can MA Plans get a look at AgentHQ?

ML: Right now. We go live in July, but anyone can schedule a demo today. Having built a career at an MA plan, I’d encourage’s always best to see for yourself.

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