Medicare Advantage-Specific vs. Agnostic Global Software Providers

Dedicated, Mature, Purpose-Built Solutions Create a Competitive Advantage

Are you considering the use of a global software provider (e.g. Microsoft, Salesforce, Wipro) for your Medicare Advantage lines of business? You may want to reconsider. The industry is shifting to purpose-built technology, and for good reason:

Ed McCallister, SVP and CIO at UPMC oversaw the decision to build, buy, or extend existing enterprise-wide capabilities in 2016, but ultimately selected Cavulus. "We carefully consider the addition of external partners, but it made sense to have a best-in-class solution that focused exclusively on Medicare Advantage, which is a fast growing segment of our industry. We wanted to serve this line of business with a dedicated, mature, and purpose-built platform that supported the majority of our needs out-of-the-box."

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