Medicare Advantage Strategic Initiatives & Technology Scalability

We love disruptors, innovators, and companies that challenge the status quo. So it’s a natural fit collaborating with industry-leaders such as Lumeris. Our sincere congratulations to the Lumeris team on a record year and their new strategic alliances, partners, and high-performing clients. We’re proud to serve their Medicare Advantage marketing and sales operations.

We’re continuing to see a trend in the Medicare Advantage industry of increased alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and geographical expansion. These are great examples of why we built MedicareCRM® to be easily extensible. “Our hub-and-spoke architecture was designed for third party administrators and Medicare Advantage plans with operations in multiple territories or states, enabling an administrator to manage all of their partners and downstream entities” says Peter Phillips, VP of Operations at Cavulus.

Cavulus’s Medicare Advantage (MA) products are built so a single instance can be extended to partners such as media buyers, outsourced call centers, and external broker agencies. This is useful for scenarios where a plan needs to align various resources on a single platform. Conversely, unique instances can be quickly deployed with sandboxed data. “This is a critical feature and security measure ensuring that prospect and beneficiary data remains isolated” says Phillips. He continues, “We use this configuration regularly for TPAs that are managing multiple MA clients. In either case, speed is the key factor, which is why we deploy in 30-60 days. Plans have to capitalize on their strategic decisions and can’t be roadblocked by software deployments that turn into resource-draining projects.”

As Medicare Advantage Plans consider expansion and strategic alliances, Phillips suggests that they evaluate their technology infrastructure to be sure that it can easily scale to enable their evolving operations.

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