The following are just a few of our Medicare Advantage and Healthcare IT thought leaders, but we look forward to introducing the entire breadth and depth of our organization to you.


Patrick Phillips


Patrick’s background in HIPAA-compliant software development led him into the Medicare Advantage (MA) space prior to the implementation of the Medicare Modernization Act. Recognizing the wasted time and cost of retrofitting agnostic technology to our industry's needs, he created Cavulus in 2006 as a purpose-built platform specifically for MA plans. With the company’s first product, MedicareCRM, he championed the SaaS model and led health plans to the Cloud before it was a common industry practice.

Every day, Patrick guides the company's vision creating the next generation of health plan technology that produces unprecedented results, allowing plans to focus on meaningful benefits to members.

Richard Nugen


Richard has a 360 degree understanding of the healthcare technology landscape. Throughout his career, he’s delivered products in the SaaS model for electronic health records (EHR), medical billing, claims processing, healthcare office management, and more.  

At Cavulus, Richard directs systems architecture, application development & management, infrastructure, and hosting. He’s a leading mind in Medicare Advantage workflow architecture & design and is constantly improving processes, protection of PHI, and CMS compliance through our technology.


Cheryl O'Sullivan


Cheryl's held various senior leadership positions at Medicare Advantage plans, most recently, serving as the Senior VP of Sales at Bravo Health. She’s a masterful sales operations executive who understands how to grow membership in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Cheryl is our big picture conceptualist who aligns client strategies and technology.

While her background is expansive, a few of Cheryl’s core areas of expertise are: call center operations, Medicare Advantage marketing and sales, broker/agency/FMO expertise, sales compliance, and performance management.

Peter Phillips


Peter is often one of the first people you’ll meet from Cavulus. With his background in consulting, management, and operations, he understands the unique challenges Medicare Advantage plans face. He'll coordinate the right talent and technology to meet any need.

Peter leads our team of account managers and client services experts who handle everything from deployment to day-to-day client operations. His granular knowledge of the Cavulus platform coupled with MA marketing, sales, and enrollment expertise allow him and his team to solve real world problems across your entire information supply chain.


Ben Soltesz


Ben started his career in Medicare Advantage as an analyst in Medicare marketing and sales. As one of Cavulus's first employees, Ben’s understanding of our platform is unmatched. He’s spent the last seventeen years working hands-on with clients to develop requirements, enhancements, and reporting capabilities. Through his exposure to MA plans of all sizes from markets around the country, he’s emerged as a pre-eminent expert in MA workflows, data, reporting, support and configuration.

Sean O'Sullivan


Sean has over 20 years of experience working in the government programs niche of healthcare, with a particular focus on new member acquisition and retention. Prior to Cavulus, Sean managed a call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) services for some of the nations largest health plans. His technical expertise spans software design, computer telephony integration (CTI), Medicare member acquisition and enrollment technology, to full-scale product design.

Sean oversees all of our engineering, architecture, research and development, infrastructure strategies, and execution models and he guides the strategic direction for our integrated solutions.